The Top Free Festivals in the World, a Brief Synopsis

“You are invited to the festival of this world and your life is blessed” an excerpt said by Rabindranath Tagore to emphasizes the beauty of festival. Everybody loves watching people dancing in the midst of the road or people shouting with excitement and great enthusiasm. Even though you are not actively participated but everyone loves to be part of the cheering and aspiring crowd. It’s pleasant to speculate and see the joy. Festival comes in a variety of diverse forms. It may come in the form of a food festival, dance festival, film festival or Religious festival. It is would be useless to try to mention all kinds of festivals here. Festivals are a time of joy, fun, excitement and Great Spirit. These are the times when an individual can escape from daily chores. Also, sometimes it is considered to be an energy booster.

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However, there are numerous people who search for a free festival and join the event as a part of their lifestyle. These are people who love traveling and care to explore the diverse culture and its unique celebration. Festival is a time of enjoyment and merriment offers and opportunities for many to share their experiences with people around them. Some of the biggest free festivals to be mentioned are as follows:.

The Brazilian Carnival is one of the largest carnival events in the world. Many tourists from different countries participate as well as enjoy the great show. The most interesting thing about this festival is tourist can buy the costumes and join the fiesta. During the Carnival, a large man is nominated to represent the role of Rei Momo, the "King" of Carnival. Rio de Janeiro carnival is popular for their elaborate parades. The Samba schools are very large organizations that struggle year round in preparation for Carnival. The festival will wind up by selecting a single samba school as a winner.

Another free event, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is celebrating its 64th anniversary this year. It is the world largest arts festival. They feature over 2,450 shows, including comedy, theatre, dance, music and many more. This festival is for those who love the arts.

The International Jazz festival held in Montreal, Canada is one biggest event for those who love Jazz music. It is held for two weeks in the month of July every year. Hundreds and thousands of artist will come to perform in front of the massive crowd. The festival concludes with an enormous free show with more than thousand spectators.

The Festival of San Fermin is renowned around the world. This festival is held in Pamplona; Spain. It formally begins on the 6th of July every year. Thousands of people gather together in the square of Casa Consistorial in Pamplona waiting for the official declaration that the fiesta had started. The festival consists of bull running. This is the festival where men pit themselves against mad bulls in a hysterical race for their lives.

The Oktoberfest festival in Munich, Germany is the biggest festival for those who love beer. The festival begins in the month of September. It is closed down two weeks later in early period of October. Here, beer drinking is a well known competitive sport. Beside beer, there are other forms of merriment, like live music and parades. Many people love the whole experience of the festival. Also, Lovers of Parades are welcomed to one of biggest Parade festivals held in Germany. Fans of techno, trance and house music turns the street into a massive dance party.